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About Our Truffles

Truffles are a soft Ganache center starting with chocolate and dairy.
We dip them in chocolate to seal in the freshness.

Black Silk Truffles
Our Best Seller! Dark chocolate, butter, & cream make for a rich, smooth, melt in your mouth center.
Buttery Truffles
Milk chocolate and fresh butter team up to create a light, fluffy, chocolatey center. Dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Lemon Meringue Truffles
Lemon marmalade made from scratch and bits of crisp meringue blended with our sweet white chocolate.
Dark Coconut Truffles
Sweet toasted coconut combined with semi-sweet creamy dark chocolate Ganache. Sure to satisfy your chocolate and coconut craving.
Cookie Dough Truffles
All the taste of eating raw cookie dough but made completely without flour or egg. Delicious to eat but don't try baking them.
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Truffles
Miniature dark chocolate chips surrounded by a milk chocolate Ganache. Dipped in dark.
Caramel Sea Salt Truffles
A chocolate caramel Ganache dipped in milk chocolate topped with Mediterranean sea salt. 
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Truffles
A sweet white chocolate center, balanced with miniature dark chocolate chips.
Birthday Cake Truffles
This white chocolate truffle combines the taste and texture of vanilla cake and butter cream frosting.
Raspberry Truffles
Raspberry preserves, milk chocolate, butter & cream blended into a perfect emulsion. If we made them any softer we would not be able to dip them.
Tiramisu Truffles
Dark chocolate, Kahlua, espresso, & cream cheese surround bits of vanilla biscotti to give it that cakey texture. Dipped in dark chocolate.
Cashew Truffles
Nuts and chocolate seem to just belong together. This light milk chocolate center is packed with cashew chunks. Topped off with a split cashew and it is time to enjoy.
Irish Cream Truffles
We make our own Irish Cream concentrate to pack this one with flavor. It's the Irish Whiskey and touch of espresso that makes it just right.
Strawberry Truffles
Let yourself savor the subtle strawberry, in the sexy dark chocolate truffle. You just have to try them.
Margarita Truffles
Lime marmalade, white chocolate, and a splash of Tequila, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. It's a party in your mouth.
Georgia's Mocha Truffles
This truffle uses a mixture of milk and white chocolate to give it a lighter milk chocolate taste, with a dose of coffee flavor and a coffee bean on top.
Orange Truffles
Dark chocolate oozing with sweet orange marmalade. A special customer gets a large box full of all Orange Truffles every chance she gets. A classic.
Hazelnut Truffles
A classic! Belgian ground hazelnuts and Dutch milk chocolate, dusted with French cocoa gives this truffle a truly European flair.
Almond Truffles
Past chocolate classic winner. White chocolate center with chopped almonds, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a whole almond. Does not fit in TRF1 box.
Brandy Cherry Cheesecake Truffles
White chocolate and cream cheese loaded with bits of dried cherries and a generous dose of cherry brandy. Dipped in milk chocolate.
Peanut Butter Truffles
All natural peanut butter and white chocolate Ganache coated in milk chocolate. How could you go wrong?
Cool Ice Mint Truffles
A smooth dark chocolate peppermint center, coated in sweet white chocolate. Oh so refreshing.
Temptation Truffles
An intense creamy milk chocolate center dipped in milk chocolate. Simplicity at its finest.
Dark Caramel Sea Salt Truffles
A dark chocolate caramel Ganache dipped in dark chocolate topped with Mediterranean sea salt. OH MY!